Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Girl Who Cannot Be Named

How does this happen? Is it just me, or does it seem that more and more crimes committed by youth are surfacing? I know many of you can think back and recall a simpler time. Here are some things that I think can get us back to the good ol' days

1. Support the arts---Art by a borrowed definition is something that uplifts society. It is an individual or group of individuals working together to take an interpretation of time and make it tangible in the form of film, print, canvas. And no, TV and the computers are NOT art but mainly tools that can be used. How you use them is up to you.
2. Don't give me that evil look when I silence your kid in the grocery aisle after he has just thrown a fit and kicked you in the shins in order to get his own way. You and I are part of a community, and it is important that your kid sees and understands that. It will keep him in check, it will give him perspective and objectivity, and he will always know that he has support when he needs it.
3. The Jones' are an FN myth! Pull your head out of your ass. Both parents wouldn't have to work if you had less things. Remember, a big house just means more to clean and weaker sibling connections. Privacy is important, but the line should be drawn at the door mat of the front door, not at the entrance to each room of the house. Living economically is both smart and healthy, your kids will grow up to be better people and maybe they won't kill you before they graduate junior high.
4. Your kids are smart and intuitive, they will very quickly pick up on the fact that you naturally feel they are a living extension of yourself. This objectifies them so avoid it at all costs. With today's candid talk of abortion, assisted suicide, war, and stem cell research, they are already growing up with the ideology that humans are expendible for the "greater good". They certainly don't need more from you when they live in a time of file # ID's, passwords, and accounts. If you start to see barcodes or serial numbers tattooed on arms. GET OUT!
5. Debrief! The information is NOT bad, but it needs to be accompanied by discourse. Take them to any movie you want, get them to read any book they want, but be prepared. Set it up and discuss it, and BE EXCITED about the discussion. Show some FN effort. And for the love of Pete, timing is everything!
6. Talk with their teachers. Decide before the kids go running off to school what you expect your community teachers to be. Do you want them to teach your child or do you want them to parent your child. They most certainly can't do both and should be expected to; not for long hours, crappy money, and eating shit from your poorly parented kids all day. And don't even start complaining about teachers, none of you would last without your IBM, XBOX, DVD babysitters!

I'm taking a break to go walk my dog. Damn its a nice day. So chew on that for a while,


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